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Milk filters<br>for farmers

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Food filters<br>for processing plants

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Technical filters<br>for industrial plants

Our production

Our production

UVMILK - expert in industrial filtration

Increase profits and increase consumer demand for your products through beneficial cooperation with the UVMILK company, which offers innovative and effective filtering solutions for cleaning liquid, solid and gaseous media from mechanical impurities, organic compounds and foreign impurities at any stage of your production.

UVMILK mission: "We make the world a cleaner and safer place." The priority in the work of the company is the creation of security, both at the enterprise and beyond. The purity of the manufactured product, water, air, special equipment and emissions into the environment is ensured by high-tech equipment produced using unique patented technologies.

UVMILK produces food and technical filters made of virgin polypropylene and stainless steel, filter fabrics, non-woven materials, steel housings, containers, sealing materials. Sorbent and hygienic materials are in great demand, which are represented by absorbent mats, household napkins, towels, linen, absorbent booms, mats and tapes.

UVMILK - expert in industrial filtration

Our specialization


Metalworking production of housings, steel filter elements and containers with different micronization and architecture of through holes



Extrusion production according to the patented technology of polypropylene filters for the agricultural, food and petrochemical industries.


Thermal fixing

Production of nonwoven, sorbent and hygienic materials for oil spill response, air purification and work surface hygiene

Thermal fixing<br>production


Production of seals, couplings, gaskets, membranes, plates and rings of various types, configurations and purposes from silicone and rubber compounds for food production


Our advantages

UVMILK has been specializing in the production of filter equipment and non-woven materials since 2004. Plant UVMILK - full cycle production.

We are trusted by 6000 customers - enterprises of the agricultural, food processing and petrochemical industries in Russia and in 75 countries around the world.

Efficient filtration solutions have been developed for solid, viscous, liquid and gaseous media in manufacturing plants.

Production of import-substituting products using modern equipment and work in accordance with international standards of the quality management system ISO: 9001: 2015.

The company's innovative filtration solutions are backed by 16 patents and numerous awards at awards, competitions and key industry shows.

Our advantages

Your benefits

Saving money on the purchase of filtering equipment from a domestic manufacturer due to the absence of import duties, dues, taxes and expensive delivery.

Production of filters according to your individual sizes thanks to new high-tech equipment and qualified personnel.

Increased demand and increased price for your products thanks to UVMILK multi-level cleaning at all stages of production.

Minimization of risks when purchasing filter equipment and nonwovens due to the availability of warranty and after-sales service.

Short delivery time and convenient logistics due to our own production base and a convenient geographical location of the plant in the center of Russia.

High quality of manufactured products due to the use of filters made of virgin polypropylene and high-quality stainless steel.

Your benefits

Our achievements

Our achievements

The UVMILK company is the first domestic company that invented polypropylene filters for milk purification in the dairy industry.

For 20 years, the company has been producing filtering equipment, having accumulated unique experience during its work, which is implemented in technological equipment.

The production area of the plant is 3600 m2, which includes extrusion, metalworking, thermal bonding and silicone production.

The high quality of UVMILK filtering equipment complies with international quality standards and is supplied to 75 countries worldwide.

The plant produces more than 300 types of filter equipment made of polypropylene, stainless steel, filter fabrics and non-woven materials.

UVMILK products regularly participate and win prizes at industry competitions and exhibitions, which earned them high marks from the professional community.

Our achievements