About UVMilk

UVMILK Company was established 17 years ago. We design and manufacture filters that efficiently help you purify various liquids and make high quality end products.

We are experts in mechanical filtration. At the beginning of its journey our company set an ambitious goal: to develop superior filtering technologies that will be in demand and useful for the manufacturing and processing industries.

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17 years of experience

Patents for inventions
and utility models
Prestigious awards
Countries worldwide
Kinds of liquids
we can filter
3000 м2


One of our specialties is production of metal housings, steel filters with particle retention from100 microns and other products with perforations of varying size and shape.


One of UVMilk main specialties is extrusion production of filter cartridges of different size, density, polypropylene fiber thickness for milk and other substances. We are proud of our unique patented technology.

Combining technologies

Here at UVMilk we combine our innovative technologies to provide you with the best filtering solutions, tailored to meet your individual requirements. Our expertise in this field is unmatched.

UVMILC is an expert in industrial filtration, specializing in the production of filters since 2004

Innovative filtration solutions backed by 16 patents and over 50 awards at competitions and exhibitions

Efficient filtration solutions for any industrial application thanks to filters for all media

The possibility of import substitution due to equipment and work in accordance with international standards ISO: 9000

We are trusted by 20 thousand customers - manufacturing and processing enterprises in Russia and in 75 countries of the world

Production of filters at low cost due to production from Russian raw materials and our own machine park

Work with individual orders due to technological equipment and highly qualified specialists

Warranty and ongoing after-sales support of filter equipment

Full production cycle, including extrusion and thermal bonding of polypropylene, metalworking and production of seals

Our suppliers

UVMILK® housings and metal filters for preliminary filtration are made of high quality steel we buy from Marcegaglia industrial group. They are a leading independent global operator in the steel processing industry, and we are proud to be their longtime partners. For decades Marcegaglia has been at the forefront of implementing new technologies in quality control of raw materials and production technology. High quality steel allows us to make our filters and housings extra durable and resistant to corrosion.

Our filters are made of certified food grade polypropylene we buy from SIBUR Group – the largest integrated gas processing and petrochemical company in Russia. PP H030 is produced from primary raw materials, and the composition of its stabilization formula and balanced physical and technical characteristics make it a perfect fit for UVMilk patented extrusion manufacturing of filters.

Address Russia, Voronezh, Bereg Reki Don Street, 26/2

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