Choose a box and get a gift!

20 March 2023

Choose a box and get a gift

Dear Partners!

In March, the company UVMILK celebrates its 19th Birthday!

In honor of our holiday, we give discounts when ordering UVMILK® filter equipment!

скидка 19% Chemical filters Packaging of water filters Milk filters Packaging of sanitary towels

From 03/20/2023 to 04/02/2023, place an order and participate in the prize draw. Choose one of the boxes and pick up your GIFT!

You are waiting for:

Closed box 19% discount on the next order

Closed boxPackaging of chemical filters UVCHEMICAL®

Closed boxPackaging of water filters UVAQUA®

Closed boxPackaging of milk filters UVMILK® Standard

Closed boxPackaging of UVMILK® sanitary towels

The promotion is valid until 04/02/2023.


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