When filtering is the most efficient

3 December 2021

UVMILK® Standard and ULTRA Practic

Will we get the same results filtering warm and cold milk? That’s a really important question, as filtering quality has influence on many factors like raw materials grade and cost per liter, milk storage life, relations with dairy plants and profitability of dairy production in general.

UVMILK® Standard filter for fine purification

UVMILK® ULTRA Practic filter for ultra-fine purification

The most efficient filtering is on warm milk within bactericidal phase, as the biggest part of impurities get into milk while milking. Though rough purification with, let’s say, sock filters won’t fix this issue, as the small particles will remain in milk which will lead to increase of somatic cell count and influence storage life, milk grade and price.

To prevent bacterial contamination growth and to reduce somatic cell count, it’s possible to use two filtering levels at once (fine and ultra-fine), which will provide you with:

  • Getting top-grade milk thanks to unique variable polypropylene thread winding technology which provides different filtration cell sizes on different layers of filtering cartridge
  • Reducing bacterial cell count with removing contaminations over 3 microns that can increase bacterial growth
  • Maximum SCC reduce thanks to ultra-fine purification milk filter with our patented SomaticStop technology and 3 μm filtration fineness
  • Profits increase due to milk grade increase after clearing with UVMILK® filters

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