ULTRA-fine purification for dairy plants

8 February 2022

ULTRA-fine purification

Dairy enterprises with daily milk flow volume 50000 liters and up need the thorough control over product quality. If insufficiently purified milk is supplied to a batch of such volume, claims of a huge number of consumers and returns from retails will be massive, and the company will suffer irreparable reputation losses.

Specially for large enterprises, UVMilk has developed dairy filters for control cleaning before packaging.

UVMILK® ULTRA 90 dairy filter

Get clean milk without sediment and unwanted impurities, as well as prevent package bloating and increase the shelf life of finished products by using UVMILK® ULTRA 90 dairy filter for ultra-fine purification of milk at the packaging stage, which cleans out all the smallest impurities that get into milk during production process.

With UVMILK® ULTRA 90 filters for ultra-fine purification of milk you will get:

  • No sediment in milk before packaging thanks to 3 micron ultra-fine filter, which works as a final, control filter
  • Maintaining reputation of top-quality milk products supplier thanks to UVMILK® ULTRA 90 filter for packaging stage, excluding possibility of contamination from filling line into the finished milk
  • Homogeneous whole packaged milk with adjusted fat content and smooth structure thanks to a porous filter that removes impurities and works as a homogenizer.


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