The secret to super-smooth, scoopable ice cream

24 February 2021

The ongoing pandemic has many consumers reaching for small indulgences to brighten their days. Sales of ice cream, gelato and other frozen dairy desserts have been climbing since 2020.

If you want to jump on the hot trend and sell your own frozen treats, think ahead about the quality of your product. One of the key qualities of good ice cream is its smoothness. To achieve the perfect texture of a premium frozen dessert you need to make sure lots of air is incorporated into the mix.

We at UVMILK® are happy to provide you with a filter specifically designed to improve the texture of your product that will keep your customers coming back again and again:

  • Its 50 micron filtration cells help all the additives to mix thoroughly.
  • The fine polypropylene layers of the filter help in adding more air into the mix.
  • Passing the mix through the filter will reduce churning time and keep the ice crystals small.
  • The filter housing is made of 3 mm thick stainless steel with no seams, so it can withstand up to 10 atm.

UVMILK filter for viscous dairy products



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