Sock Filter Evolution: It’s Time to Try Something New

29 January 2021

Sewn sock filters have been around for centuries. Wouldn't you think that with all the amazing technological advances in agriculture and food production there must be some development in dairy filtration, too? And there is! Efficient polypropylene filters developed by UVMILK® retain the smallest impurities while preserving protein and fat.


You are just one step away from improving your filtration. Give it a try with UVMILK® Sock filters:

  • Get clean milk without impurities thanks to 30 layers of polypropylene with 10 μm filtration cells
  • Optimize your workflow 
  • Filters that don’t need the spring inside and only need to be changed after milking help you build seamless work processes and increase productivity.
  • Reduce waste
  • The capacity of one filter cartridge is up to 3000 liters, so you only need one cartridge per milking.
  • Completely avoid filter tears 
  • Our sock filter has no seams and the tip is laser soldered.
  • Save money on filter housing 
  • This filter will fit in any sock filter housing you already have.


UVMILK® Sock filters are installed in any conventional filter housing, you only need an adapter.


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