Reduce defects in yoghurt production

15 November 2021

Yoghurt production

Final filtration before yoghurt packaging is often required to prevent unevenness like lumps of fillers, grains and mechanical impurities coming from the pipes while production. Such products do not have high consumer properties, so they go to waste. Our UVMILK® Yoghurt slotted filter will help you produce yoghurt with even consistency without unwanted inclusions.

Get pure, homogeneous yoghurt with high consumer properties and shelf life thanks to control cleaning at the filling stage with the UVMILK® Yoghurt filter, which retains the residues of fillers, fat grains and mechanical impurities caught inside while production process.

Benefits of using UVMILK® Yoghurt slotted filter:

  • Even yoghurts without lumps thanks to special conical holes of the filter which substitute homogenizer and retain coarse dirt better
  • Yoghurt of the required consistency thanks to the filter special design made for cleaning viscous products and filtration fineness of 100 microns
  • Reduce of finished product waste and financial loss due to effective filtering from lumps of dyes, fat grains, pits and unwanted impurities that get into yoghurt during production
  • Use at high pressure due to filter made from thick-walled steel pipe with high resistance to deformation, corrosion and temperature
  • High flow capacity due to maximum ratio of the holes area to the filter surface, which provide quick passing for viscous liquids

Order UVMILK® Yoghurt slotted filter to reduce defects in finished product. Give us a call at +7-920-211-2558 or e-mail your questions to and stay tuned for future updates.



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