Prevention is the best defence: fight Bacillus cereus in raw milk

15 February 2021

Bacillus cereus is abundant in the environment, mainly in soil, silage, feces and garbage. Dairy processors are constantly facing the ill effects of this contaminant due to its ubiquitous and stubborn nature. Its spores can survive the pasteurization process and can, therefore, contaminate dairy products and create quality and safety issues. The most common defect is early spoilage.

This organism has an outstanding ability to adhere to stainless-steel surfaces and, therefore, increase the formation of biofilms. These biofilms may occur in both storage and piping systems and are very resistant to standard cleaning regimens.

Fine milk filters by UVMILK®  provide you with proper filtration, which is a crucial element in preventing B.cereus growth:

  • Its 5 micron filtration cells remove dirt, dust and pieces of hair from your raw milk and prevent contamination early.
  • The housing is consistently cleaned and sanitized together with the rest of your equipment with no extra effort needed.
  • The inside of the filter housing is mirror polished and doesn’t have threads or grooves where dirt can accumulate.
  • High-quality 3mm thick stainless steel filter housing doesn’t get damaged by alkaline detergents that remove the biofilms.
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