Order filters before lockdown

27 October 2021

Order before lockdown

Dear Partners,

As we get prepared to a Federal lockdown due to Covid-19, we recommend you to check your stock and order filters – the delivery might take longer time, so HURRY UP.

Order filters before October, 29th

and get 10% OFF for orders over 650 €.

Offer valid for:

Milk filters for farms

Solutions for milk, water and fuel purification in agricultural enterprises

Filters for dairy plants

Cleaning solutions for milk, dairy products, brine and other liquids for dairy plants

Beverage filters

Purification of alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages, bottled water

Filters for food manufacturers

Cleaning solutions for syrups, glaze, melange and other liquids for canning, confectionery, meat processing plants

Filters for oil and fat enterprises

Purification of vegetable oils, animal fats, spreads and vegetable fat emulsions

Filters for petrochemical plants

Cleaning solutions for cosmetic emulsions, reagents, detergents, chemical solutions, technical oils and other liquids


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