No more rejected milk! Reduce bacteria for good

18 May 2021

Reduce bacteria for good

With daytime temperatures increasing, it’s hard to keep milk from going sour. Pathogenic bacteria contaminate the milk through dirt, hair, fourage and other impurities and then cause high acidity and spoilage. Milk processing plants can't use this milk because of its low heat stability and food safety considerations. In the end, the producer takes all the risks.

We at UVMILK® have designed our fine 5 micron filters to remove external bacterial contaminants and protect your daily income:

  • Stop bacterial contamination of raw milk with our 5 μm filtration cells
  • Increase shelf life of your milk and dairy products by lowering acidity
  • Optimize your workflow by only changing filter cartridges after milking
  • Always get quality premiums for your milk and increase your profits


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