NEW! UVMILK® Big will reduce bacterial cell count in your milk

9 December 2021

UVMILK® Big will reduce bacterial cell count in your milk

Dear Partners,

We are glad to introduce you our new filter - UVMILK® Big for fine purification of milk which is made to reduce bacterial cell count.

We always try to satisfy our clients’ needs, so we create products that would serve milk producers the best way.

Thus, our new UVMILK® Big filter took a worthy place among our flagships: UVMILK® Max, made for milk volume up to 10 liters, and UVMILK® Prof, which is appropriate up to 25 of milk. UVMILK® Big filter is made for filtering up to 15 liters of milk and has all the advantages of UVMILK® fine purification filter range.

UVMILK® Big filter for fine purification of milk

Always get highest grade milk and sell it with quality premiums with minimal bacterial cell count thanks to high flow UVMILK® Big filter which has a unique patented multilayer structure.

Your benefits of using UVMILK® Big filter:

  • Increasing milk grade thanks to unique multilayer winding technology
  • Bacterial cell count reduce due to filtering up to 98% contaminations over 5 microns
  • Profits increase due to selling top-grade milk filtered with UVMILK® Big
  • Increasing milk shelf life by reducing bacterial cell count and lowering acidity
  • Maintaining pressure levels in your system thanks to variable winding of the filter which does not clog and sustain the required milk volume

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