New product! UVMILK® Gigant filter up to 500 000 liters

2 November 2021

UVMILK® Gigant

Dear partners,

We are glad to represent our new UVMILK® GIGANT filter for fine purification of large volume of milk at any production stage.

You will no longer need to stop production to change filters.

Now you have a possibility to filter large volume of milk or condensed milk products with unstoppable and stable performance production at any stage. Mounting UVMILK® Gigant filter after pasteurizer will let you get pure milk with no dark blotches, burns and clots.


  • LARGE VOLUME OF MILK FILTERING due to enhanced resource filtering up to 500 000 liters of milk continuously

  • REDUCING BACTERIAL CELL COUNT IN MILK thanks to filtering all possible contamination which is a favorable environment for bacteria

  • HOMOGENEOUS STRUCTURE WITH NO FOAM, FILM OR BURN because of the unique winding structure which provide fine purification from even minor particles after pasteurization

  • PRODUCTIVE FILTER USAGE REGARDLESS OF THE TEMPERATURE due to using food grade high temperature resistant primary polypropylene for the filter

UVMILK® Gigant

  • Filters large amount of milk
  • Improves taste, color and smell of the finished products
  • Increases production output
  • Restrains burns and burnt sugar
  • Reduce defective goods number
  • Retains undissolved milk powder
  • Retains suspensions, cloudy sediment, milk stone
  • Increases shelf life of the finished products


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