Increase your profits with UVMILK®

27 January 2021

Everybody wants to save money, and so do your clients. 


How do you make a profit when the economy is going down and incomes are declining?


Offer them a product that best suits their needs in terms of price and quality

Make more money on filters for fine purification of milk:

  • Stable quality from the developers of polypropylene dairy filtration
  • A highly demanded universal product that fits all milk filter housings on the market
  • No need to overstock your warehouse, because we ship your orders on the day of payment
  • Wholesale prices from the manufacturer, no intermediary markups

Place a €2700 ($3180) order before November 10th and get 2 BOXES of our most demanded UVMILK® Standard filters FOR FREE

Together we can increase your profits by offering new products to your clients:

  • Milk filters for farms and processing plants
  • Water filters for food processing plants
  • FIlters for petrochemical manufacturers
  • Meltblown nonwoven fabric for hygiene, personal protection and sanitary products
  • Filters for syrups and beverages
  • FIlters for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals manufacturing
  • FIlters for reagents, fertilizers and detergents production


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