How to purify reconstituted milk

14 December 2021

How to purify reconstituted milk

Due to its economy and organoleptic characteristics, milk powder is a popular component in the production of various foodstuffs.

Although all the advantages can come to naught and even spoil the finished product if the drying, storage or reconstitution technology is incorrect. Raw materials of poor quality contain dirt, residues from bags and insects, caked lumps and burnt products. Such factors influence the taste, marketable condition and shelf life of the finished product. Effective filtration during reconstitution of the powdered milk can solve the problem. 

UVMILK® ULTRA 40 dairy filter

With UVMILK® filters for reconstituted milk you will get homogeneous, clean raw material without lumps, blackheads from burnt products and other mechanical impurities, which is reached with variable winding technology of our filter and additional homogenization, which ensures smooth consistency of the finished products.

Installation UVMILK ULTRA 40


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