How to make milk taste and smell perfectly

18 November 2021

How to make milk taste and smell perfectly

As a rule, milk of top-grade quality should be homogeneous and contain no sediment or flakes, be of white or light cream color and do not have extraneous taste or smell.

Unpleasant smell and taste are caused by impurities that get into milk while milking when there is no or poor filtration. Subsequently, this also leads to financial losses due to increased bacterial cell count and acidity.

UVMilk LLC have created reliable solutions for getting milk of highest grade with pleasant creamy color, smell and taste. So, using UVMILK® filters you will improve the organoleptic indicators of milk and increase your profits.

UVMILK® Standard filter for fine purification will reduce bacterial cell count in milk which will guarantee

  • Increasing milk grade thanks to unique variable winding technology which provide different filtration cell sizes on different layers of filtering cartridge
  • Reducing bacterial cell count and improving milk taste and smell with removing contaminations over 5 microns that get into milk while milking
  • More profit due to increasing milk grade after filtering with UVMILK® Standard

Order UVMILK® Standard to reduce defects in finished product

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