How to get pure vegetable oil

19 October 2021


Multilayer filtering is a must for both hot and cold pressed oil production. It’s required to filter any impurities spoiling taste, smell, shelf-life and marketable condition of the oils.

UVMilk LLC have developed special industrial filters for clearing vegetable oils from suspended particles, scraps of cell tissue, phospholipids, protein and mucous substances, paraffin, wax, free fatty acids, hydrophobic fractions, soap substances etc. at all processing levels:

  • Stainless steel filters for preliminary purification from husk residues with high dirt holding capacity and long life time
  • Polypropylene filters for rough and fine purification with multi-micron multilayer winding which provide stable working on sediment removing with low pressure
  • Combined filters for ultra-fine purification for clarification of vegetable oils

Oil press


Cold pressing

Hot pressing

Install UVOIL® Perforated filter for preliminary purification after pressing to remove husk and fuz

Install UVOIL® Mesh filter for preliminary purification after pressing to remove husk and fuz

Select a pump with sufficient capacity to maintain processing line performance

Install UVOIL® 50 micron filter for rough purification to clear oil from suspended particles, scraps of cellular tissue, mechanical impurities

Install UVOIL® Combined 4 micron filter after the pump to clear oil from minor dirt particles

Refine the oil if required by the technology

Filter the oil in recirculation mode to remove sediment and increase clarity

Include UVOIL® 10 micron filter for fine purification in refining process to clean the oil from phospholipid sediment after hydration or particles of bleaching agents


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