How to filter huge amount of milk

10 November 2021

Parallel filtering system

Long usage of one filter cartridge leads to increase of bacterial cell count in milk. That is why it’s required to change filter while milking if milk is very dirty or while seasonal increase. Otherwise, both milk grade lowers and milking system suffers due to pressure increase. How to change filters without stopping milking?

UVMILK® SL Parallel filtering system provides constant milk filtering within long period of time which is appropriate for big milk volume and reduces pressure in milk pipe.

Benefits of using UVMILK® SL Parallel filtering system

  • interchangeable multi-layer filtering from various impurities
  • long time filtering
  • reducing pressure in milk pipe
  • efficient filtering of huge amount of milk (100.000 liters and up)
  • significant durability of filter housings
  • easy replacement of filter cartridges
  • easy and fast installation of UVMILK® SL parallel filtering system
  • reliability and tightness of the system
  • low filtering cost


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