Greetings from UVMILK: Meltblown fabric for face masks

29 January 2021

Hello there!

We at UVMILK are happy to make your acquaintance. Today we would like you to think about how you can make sure your production runs smoothly when demand for face masks and respirators is unpredictable.

One way to quickly react to any change in the market is to find a trusted supplier that can provide you with the material you need on short notice. If you are in need for such a supplier for meltblown nonwoven fabric, we can be the one.

We’ve started making meltblown in early 2020 and we can provide stable high quality and filtration efficiency. Here is our most recent BFE testing results:


To make sure our relationship is off to a good start, we offer you a special price for your first order: 

4,95 Euro for orders of 5000 kg or more


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