Extremely Durable Stainless Steel Milk Filter

27 January 2021

Did you know that you can use a stainless steel filter to rid your milk of bigger impurities like straw, wool, sawdust and insects? Install a UVMILK® Slotted filter once and it will provide you with excellent preliminary filtration for years.

Reduce filtration expenses with a UVMILK® Slotted filter:

  • Catch bigger impurities before they dissolve thanks to 100 μm conical filtration slots
  • Protect your equipment from damage and bacterial contamination
  • Use it for years, even under high pressure.The filter is made of a 2 mm thick stainless steel pipe with no seams, so it can withstand up to 10 atm
  • Just flush it with reverse water flow after each use, no need to disassemble it or change filter socks. It’s more convenient for you and better for the environment.

Just one piece of equipment will give you dirt-free milk with no extra costs. Install the UVMILK® Slotted filter now and enjoy its benefits for years to come.


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