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29 November 2021

Cascade filtering system

For dirty milk, contaminated with minor impurities invisible to an eye, it’s typical to have increased bacterial and somatic cell count. Our UVMILK® Cascade filtering system was created to solve these two problems at once.

The System includes filters for fine and ultrafine purification and is presented in 3 sizes

SL - consisting of UVMILK® Standard and Practiс filters

BB - consisting of UVMILK® Small and Active filters

XL - consisting of UVMILK® Master and ULTRA 40 filters

All these filters are suitable for concrete milking volume, starting from 3000 liters for SL system, then 7000 liters for BB and finally 40000 liters for XL.

But if you have some special inquiry, we can replace any part of the system with another filter, which will let you filter any desired milk amount.

Your benefits:

  • Saving with 2-in-1 system we will help you to choose the most appropriate filters for your milking volume and the total cost will be more profitable than if you ordered 2 filters separately

  • 2 levels of filtration with fine 5 μm and ultrafine 3 μm purification filters

  • Two issues fixed at once both bacterial cell and somatic cell counts will be reduced with the system

  • Increase of milk storage time thanks to the System which provides clearing of even smallest impurities

  • Saving milk fat UVMILK® unique technology of multi-micron winding of polypropylene thread with special cells that let the elastic fat ball go through easily

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