Cascade filtering system

8 October 2021

Cascade filtering system UVMILK® SL

Increase of milk contamination, which is typical for autumn season at a milk farm, leads to the raise of bacterial seed and the growth of somatic cell in milk. Due to reduce of the purity group there may occur some slips in the milk grade which requires more thorough milk cleaning while production. 

Getting stable top grade milk with no slips in quality and wherein saving money on equipment can be achieved by using Cascade filtering system UVMILK® SL, which provides step-by-step clearing from even minor milk pollution and accumulations of somatic cells.


2-STAGE MILK FILTRATION thanks to step-by-step milk filtration with UVMILK® fine 5 μm purification and ultra-fine 3 μm purification filters

SAVING WITH CHOOSING 2 IN 1 COMPLEX SYSTEM because of beneficial cost of the complex system UVMILK® SL combining two filters at once

REDUCE OF BACTERIAL CONTAMINATION LEVEL AND INCREASE OF MILK STORAGE due to fine purification filter UVMILK® Standart with multi-micron winding which provides clearing of even smallest impurities

SOMATIC CELL COUNT REDUCE thanks to ultra-fine purification milk filter with our patented SomaticStop technology and 3 μm filtration fineness which stops somatic cells accumulations

OBTAINING TOP-GRADE MILK AND SAVING MILK FAT due to unique polypropylene thread winding with special cells letting elastic fat ball go through


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