Can you filter sheep milk? Yes, you can!

29 January 2021

Sheep milk is a truly precious product. Its nutritional value and high concentrations of solids make it extremely suitable for products containing prebiotic ingredients and cheese-making.

So if sheep milk is so superior in nutrition, why isn’t it more popular? Ask any sheep farmer and they’ll tell you: sheep are a pain in the neck. They scare easily and stop producing milk, so it takes a very careful and dedicated farmer to achieve higher yields of milk.


Don’t let a single drop of hard-earned sheep milk go to waste.

Our fine 5 micron filters can help you with that:

  • Stop bacterial contamination of raw milk by removing  the smallest impurities
  • Increase shelf life of your milk and dairy products by lowering acidity
  • Let your customers enjoy the full creamy flavour and smooth mouth feel of sheep milk with no additives
  • Grow your customer base and expand your business


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