Are you utilizing your feedstuffs efficiently?

16 March 2021

Feedstuffs account for 40-60 percent of all expenses on many dairy farms. It only makes sense to make sure milk keeps all its hard earned fat and protein while it gets from the cow’s udder to the dairy plant. Inefficient filtration can decrease fat content in milk and hinder your future growth.

UVMILK ULTRA filters are designed to catch clumps of somatic cells while protecting your profit margin:

  • Remove up to 50 percent of somatic cells thanks to 3 μm filtration cells with our patented SomaticStop technology.
  • Preserve fat and protein content in milk with the unique winding of polypropylene thread that allows elastic balls of fat easily pass through its polygonal cells.
  • Meet your vital cash flow demands by getting quality premiums from the producers.
  • Get results from your new filter right away, because it’s so easy to install and to operate.


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