200,000 SCC: Why Not?

3 March 2021

Raw milk quality has a dramatic effect on packaged milk taste and shelf life. Most milk producing countries in Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand have national BTSCC averages near 200,000 or less. So what can you do to achieve those desired levels?

Most experts agree that the key to low SCC is udder health. Culling high SCC cows from the herd, improving housing and bedding to keep cows clean and dry, using teat dip and all in all promoting good hygiene – all these management practices are well-known to all dairy farmers. But many producers have trouble following them consistently, while they are being penalized for subpar milk quality.


UVMILK® ULTRA filters allow you to get a milk quality bonus that you can invest in farm improvement:

  • Reduce somatic cell count with our patented SomaticStop technology and 3 μm filtration cells
  • Preserve fat content in milk by filtering warm milk right after milking
  • Get premium price from the producers for selling high-quality milk
  • Start using your new filter from day one, because it’s so easy to install and to operate.

UVMILK® ULTRA Active filter


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