Dairy Filters for Farms with 500 to 3000 liters per milking

UVMILK® Moby mobile filter for rough purification of milk

Clean the milk from small impurities and reduce filtration expenses

UVMILK® Mini filter for fine purification of milk

Best possible solution to reduce bacterial cell count and acidity of milk

UVMILK® ULTRA Economic filter for ultra-fine purification of milk

The most efficient milk purification system that will reduce somatic cell count

Suitable for your production

UVMILK® Sanitary towels

Practical solution for farming hygiene

UVMilk LLC — we make filters
for food and petrochemical industry
UVMilk filters are constantly tested to meet specifications. All indicators and tests results are fully analyzed using special statistical techniques.
  • Do you often have to carry buckets and flasks manually because the milk pipeline is malfunctioning?
  • Is it difficult to keep dirt from getting into the milk when pumping or pouring?
  • Is the milk processing plant unsatisfied with unstable milk parameters and high bacterial contamination?
  • Would you like to increase your profits from milk production and get more resources for business growth?

Try economical UVMILK® dairy filtration solutions and get consistent milk quality, increased market value and higher profitability right away. Our filters are specifically designed for farms with 500 to 3000 liters per milking and tested on many similar businesses over 16 years.


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