Dairy Filters for Farms with under 500 liters per milking

UVMILK® SL Sieve dairy filter for preliminary purification of milk

Milk purification from large mechanical impurities on the farms with no more than 500 liters per milking

UVMILK® Filtering Fabric for rough purification of milk

Clean the milk from large impurities - for farms up to 500 liters per milking

UVMILK® Micro filter for fine purification of milk

Best possible solution to reduce bacterial cell count and acidity of milk

UVMILK® ULTRA Simple filter for ultra-fine purification of milk

The most efficient milk purification system that will reduce somatic cell count

Suitable for your production

UVMILK® Sanitary towels

Practical solution for farming hygiene

UVMilk LLC — we make filters
for food and petrochemical industry
UVMilk filters are constantly tested to meet specifications. All indicators and tests results are fully analyzed using special statistical techniques.
  • Does coarse dirt get into milk when you are pouring it into a storage container?
  • Do you still use fabric filters that accumulate fat and epithelial particles, where pathogenic bacteria multiply?
  • Does it happen that the whole batch of milk goes sour quickly and you have to dispose of it?
  • Do you have trouble finding a regular buyer and establishing a stable reationship with them?

Try this simple and low-cost filtration solution by UVMILK® that utilizes the equipment already installed at your farm and efficiently purifies your milk.


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